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I've created this series of podcast episodes to explore the spirituality of Doctor Who, our favorite time traveler for the past fifty years. I’ve long marveled at the generally wonderful ethics and spirituality in the recent incarnations of the good Doctor. I know folks may be thinking right now, “spirituality and the Dr?! He rarely talks about God at all!” True, but there’s a lot more to spirituality than neat, well defined beliefs. Dr. Who is an excellent example of a spiritual philosophy known as Religious Humanism - where the focus is on a shared sense of awe for life, and a commitment to the broader human community. Although I myself, believe in God, I have a strong respect for the ethics and character, the Doctor's sense of Humanism brings to us. Moving forward, each podcast will go deeper into the spiritual, religious and philosophical aspects of another of the TV episodes. I can’t promise they’ll be in order with the seasons, but sometimes things get a little timey-whimey around here after all.


Season 3 Episode 2 - The Shakespeare Code

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